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How this all started…

We started Siana Press in New York City in mid-2007 when one of the partners -determined to publish her book- got tired of dealing with independent publishers, the high production costs and the lack of support for first time writes.

Using her skills in programming and design, she decided to learn the steps necessary to publish in virtual markets. That meant cutting out the bureaucracy and having full control, creative and financial, about her project.

That was a success, and 7 years later and dozens of epubs published, Siana Press finally started working for Brazilian and Portuguese speaking authors.

If you want to publish your book and make it available in virtual stores accross the world such as Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Google Play Books, Siana Press is here to help.

We will treat your project as if it were ours, and we will offer all the support necessary.

Tidbit: Siana Press

In the mid-1930s, discouraged by the indifference of publishers who were not interested in publishing their works, Anaïs Nin, Henry Miller, Lawrence Durell, and other Villa Seurat writers founded Siana Editions: their own publishing house, where the authors assembled and printed their books themselves.

We chose the name Siana Press to honor those authors who found a way to make their voices heard.

Why should I hire you?

Because we’re writers ourselves and we know good books are out there, not getting noticed. We know how hard it’s to get a contract with a publishing house. Publishing our own books in the digital format has opened up new horizons and opportunities for us, so why not spread this around?

And not to sound pompous or anything, but we know what we’re doing and we do it with love.

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