Are you a writer?

If you have always wanted to publish your book, the solution could be to publish it online, in ebook format. The highlights of chosing this that your initial investment is quite low, you don’t have to convince with the bookstores to accept your book, you don’t run the risk of having a hige inventory with no sales in sight and your sales are not limited to a physical place: anyone with internet access in the world will be able to buy your book from Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Google Play stores.

Here at Siana Press we publish all the genres: that recipe book that’s in the family for generations; a photo essay, your memoirs or your first work of fiction. We’re here to help and support you in every step of your publication, from the conversion of your book to the digital format, the professional design of the cover, the layout that best fits your book and of course, putting your book in the digital stores.

Your dream of publishing a book is closer than you think!

Advantages of an ebook

An ebook can offer endless oportunities: you can add video or image galleries, also giving users the comfort of choosing letter size and background color that’s most comfortable for the reader. For textbooks, the student can mark and save the text and make their own annotation, as well as the easy search for keywords and textual information in seconds. Ebook is also is 30% cheaper than traditional paper books,and since they don’t use of paper, ink or water, they help preserve the environment.

Our services


We can convert and prepare your book so that it will be in the standard required by each of the associated stores


We can design your cover if you don’t have one already


We’ll handle all paperwork and create your account in all of the associated stores where you can publish your book


Design (cover and interior of your book), conversion and placement on the Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Kobo and Google Play. Translation and editorial services are also available upon request.

Once we have more info on your book (how many pages? how many chapters? does it have images? where do you want it available? etc.) we can give you a more precise idea. Based on past projects, between 3 to 6 weeks from delivery of the raw material to date of release.

Yes, of course. But keep in mind is that some stores limit the kind and size of digital media that can be included in an ebook. Some stores also charge extra for the “delivery of your ebook (per megabyte), something that can impact your earnings.

For now only in the books for the Apple iBookstore, because the iOS supports multi-touch.

At the moment we have partnership with Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Google Play. More stores will added soon.

Unfortunately not. ISBN is optional for digital editions, and if you want to use one it must be different from the printed version.

No problem. We can help you make your book perfect.

Yes, you decide how much you want to sell your book for.

Each store keeps a different %, so that will depend on which ones you decide to place you book.

The stores will make a direct-deposit of the amount owed to you, minus their %, of course, into the bank account that you provided once we registered you on their service.

At the moment only at Apple Store (50 free copies). You generate a code and give to the person so they can enter it when purchasing your book. Of course we will give you a copy of your digital book that you can send to your family and friends via email or any Cloud service, in the same way you send photos or files.

We will feature your ebook in our mailing list at no extra cost, but the marketing is the responsibility of the author.

Great! Send us an email so we can take it from there.